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   I Love My Library
  • I need the library for research using the periodicals to the Internet.-Xavier, 14
  • I love the Children’s Programs, especially the American Girl Tea Party and The Polar Express-Addison. Age 9
  • As a Military family, the library is the first place I visit to gather information on the town’s contacts and locations for everything from daycare to dentists. The GAPL has welcomed our family that first day and we have never stopped coming to the library. What a great place to be!-Jane Coburn, Former Board Member
  • No matter how busy our life gets, we always find time for the library-Meredith, Felicity, Ainsley and Emory Anderson

  • Libraries do so much more now in many different ways. As a family of four generations of library users, we are able to: check out books, movies, audio tapes; download e-books – free of charge; do research on the computers, and enjoy a wide range of programs for all ages.-The Kiser Family: Doris, Fred, Jodi, Sean

  • I love my library because books are an adventure waiting to happen. Reading can take you to new heights and test all of your emotions in just one chapter. Anything is possible when you read.-Betsy Fischer Book Club Member
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The Greenville Area Public Library was established in 1921 in the former Penn High School with Katherine H. Rock serving as the first librarian and remaining as the Library Director for the next 46 years. In 1959, the library was moved next door to what is the current library site; the existing library building was completed in 1972.

Mission - The Mission of the Greenville Area Public Library is to make a positive contribution to the cultural and intellectual life of our Greenville area and the personal enrichment of its residents by providing quality materials, responsive service, and relevant technologies for all members of our community.

Vision - To engage our community in literacy, information, and connections which promote progress, achievement, and community growth.
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   New Arrivals:
A willing murder
~Deveraux, Jude
 Sara Medlar is a household name in romance, with millions of books sold. But lately, retirement has been boring her and she`s found herself back in her hometown of Lachlan, Florida, remodeling the grand old mansion she`d admired as a child. It`s much too big for her alone, but she`d die before letting anyone in town know that. Then Sara`s niece Kate is offered a job in Lachlan--a start in what could be a very successful career in real estate. She accepts immediately, but with so little saved up, she`ll have to approach her estranged yet incredibly famous aunt for a place to stay while she gets herself settled. But when she arrives at Sara`s home, she finds she`s not the only long-term houseguest. Jackson Wyatt already has his own room, and though it`s impossible to deny his good looks and charm--he`s clearly got her aunt wrapped around his finger--she`s also never met anyone who irritates her quite like Jack does. However, when two skeletons are accidentally uncovered in the quiet town, this unlikely trio is suddenly thrust together by a common goal- to solve a mystery everyone else seems eager to keep under wraps. United by a sense of justice and the desire to right old wrongs, Sara, Kate and Jack will have to dig into Lachlan`s murky past to unravel the small town`s dark secrets and work to bring the awful truth to light.
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The escape artists
~Bascomb, Neal
 In the winter trenches and flak-filled skies of World War I, soldiers and pilots alike might avoid death, only to find themselves imprisoned in Germany`s archipelago of POW camps, often in abominable conditions. The most infamous was Holzminden, a land-locked Alcatraz of sorts that housed the most troublesome, escape-prone prisoners. Its commandant was a boorish, hate-filled tyrant named Karl Niemeyer who swore that none should ever leave.
 Desperate to break out of `Hellminden` and return to the fight, a group of Allied prisoners led by ace pilot (and former Army sapper) David Gray hatch an elaborate escape plan. Their plot demands a risky feat of engineering as well as a bevy of disguises, forged documents, fake walls, and steely resolve. Once beyond the watch towers and round-the-clock patrols, Gray and almost a dozen of his half-starved fellow prisoners must then make a heroic 150 mile dash through enemy-occupied territory towards free Holland.
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Courtney`s war
~Smith, Wilbur
 Paris, 1939 -Torn apart by war, Saffron Courtney and Gerhard von Meerbach are thousands of miles apart, both struggling for their lives.
 Gerhard - despite his objections to the Nazi regime - is fighting for the Fatherland, hoping to one day have the opportunity to rid Germany of Hitler and his cronies. But as his unit is thrown into the hellish attrition of the Battle of Stalingrad, he knows his chances of survival are dwindling by the day.
 Meanwhile Saffron - recruited by the Special Operations Executive and sent to occupied Belgium to discover how the Nazis have infiltrated SOE`s network - soon finds herself being hunted by Germany`s most ruthless spymaster.
 Confronted by evil beyond their worst imaginings, the lovers must each make the hardest choice of all- sacrifice themselves, or do whatever they can to survive, hoping that one day they will be reunited.
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Young Benjamin Franklin
~Bunker, Nick
 From his early career as a printer and journalist, to his scientific work and his role as a founder of a new republic, Benjamin Franklin has always seemed the inevitable embodiment of American ingenuity. But in his youth he had to make his way through a harsh colonial world where he fought many battles- with his rivals, but also with his wayward emotions. Taking Franklin to the age of forty-one, when he made his first electrical discoveries, Bunker goes behind the legend to reveal the sources of his passion for knowledge. Always trying to balance virtue against ambition, Franklin emerges as a brilliant but flawed human being, made from the conflicts of an age of slavery as well as reason. With archival material from both sides of the Atlantic, we see Franklin in Boston, London, and Philadelphia, as he develops his formula for greatness. A tale of science, politics, war, and religion, this is also a story about Franklin`s forebears- the talented family of English craftsmen who produced America`s favorite genius.
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Time to parent
~Morgenstern, Julie
 Parents have struggled with the time equation for generations. In the age of extracurriculars, calendar alerts, and smart phones, the question of how to give your kids undivided attention—and still take care of yourself—looms larger than ever. 
 Morgenstern offers parents: proven strategies for prioritizing what really matters to your family; organizational skills to get the basics—food, clothing, health—in place and out of mind; relief from `this is forever` thinking with ways to divide the parenting years into manageable stages; and realistic, research-backed guidelines for what quality time really looks like.
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Lethal white
~Galbraith, Robert
 When Billy, a troubled young man, comes to private eye Cormoran Strike`s office to ask for his help investigating a crime he thinks he witnessed as a child, Strike is left deeply unsettled. While Billy is obviously mentally distressed, and cannot remember many concrete details, there is something sincere about him and his story. But before Strike can question him further, Billy bolts from his office in a panic.
 Trying to get to the bottom of Billy`s story, Strike and Robin Ellacott—once his assistant, now a partner in the agency—set off on a twisting trail that leads them through the backstreets of London, into a secretive inner sanctum within Parliament, and to a beautiful but sinister manor house deep in the countryside.
 And during this labyrinthine investigation, Strike`s own life is far from straightforward- his newfound fame as a private eye means he can no longer operate behind the scenes as he once did. Plus, his relationship with his former assistant is more fraught than it ever has been—Robin is now invaluable to Strike in the business, but their personal relationship is much, much trickier than that.
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Whiskey in a teacup
~Witherspoon, Reese
 Reese Witherspoon`s grandmother Dorothea always said that a combination of beauty and strength made southern women `whiskey in a teacup.` We may be delicate and ornamental on the outside, she said, but inside we`re strong and fiery.
 Reese`s southern heritage informs her whole life, and she loves sharing the joys of southern living with practically everyone she meets. She takes the South wherever she goes with bluegrass, big holiday parties, and plenty of Dorothea`s fried chicken. It`s reflected in how she entertains, decorates her home, and makes holidays special for her kids—not to mention how she talks, dances, and does her hair (in these pages, you will learn Reese`s fail-proof, only slightly insane hot-roller technique). Reese loves sharing Dorothea`s most delicious recipes as well as her favorite southern traditions, from midnight barn parties to backyard bridal showers, magical Christmas mornings to rollicking honky-tonks.
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Sea prayer
~Hosseini, Khaled
 On a moonlit beach a father cradles his sleeping son as they wait for dawn to break and a boat to arrive. He speaks to his boy of the long summers of his childhood, recalling his grandfather`s house in Syria, the stirring of olive trees in the breeze, the bleating of his grandmother`s goat, the clanking of her cooking pots. And he remembers, too, the bustling city of Homs with its crowded lanes, its mosque and grand souk, in the days before the sky spat bombs and they had to flee.
 When the sun rises they and those around them will gather their possessions and embark on a perilous sea journey in search of a new home.
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The Tango war
~McConahay, Mary Jo

 This fills an important gap in WWII history. Beginning in the thirties, both sides were well aware of the need to control not just the hearts and minds but also the resources of Latin America. The fight was often dirty- residents were captured to exchange for U.S. prisoners of war and rival spy networks shadowed each other across the continent. At all times it was a Tango War, in which each side closely shadowed the other`s steps.

 Though the Allies triumphed, at the war`s inception it looked like the Axis would win. A flow of raw materials in the Southern Hemisphere, at a high cost in lives, was key to ensuring Allied victory, as were military bases supporting the North African campaign, the Battle of the Atlantic and the invasion of Sicily, and fending off attacks on the Panama Canal. Allies secured loyalty through espionage and diplomacy—including help from Hollywood and Mickey Mouse—while Jews and innocents among ethnic groups —Japanese, Germans—paid an unconscionable price. Mexican pilots flew in the Philippines and twenty-five thousand Brazilians breached the Gothic Line in Italy.

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Dark tide rising
~Perry, Anne
 Local businessman Harry Exeter doesn`t want the aid of the Thames River Police in tracking down the men who kidnapped his wife, Kate. He only asks them to help him navigate Jacob`s Island, a creepy mass of decrepit buildings where he will hand off a large sum of money in exchange for her life. But when they arrive at the meeting place, Commander Monk and five of his best men are attacked from all sides, and Monk is left wondering who could have given away their plans--and why anyone would want to harm Kate Exeter.
 As Monk follows leads from Kate`s worried cousin and a crafty clerk at the bank where Exeter gathered the ransom money, it seems inevitable that one of his own men has betrayed him. Delving into their pasts, he realizes how little he knows about the people he works with every day, including his trusted right-hand man Hooper, the one colleague Monk has always been certain he can count on. Even as they identify one of the kidnappers, the case runs into hurdle after hurdle, causing Monk to choose between his own safety and the chance to solve the case--and figure out where his men`s loyalty really lies.
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Leadership in turbulent times
~Goodwin, Doris Kearns
 Are leaders born or made? Where does ambition come from? How does adversity affect the growth of leadership? Does the leader make the times or do the times make the leader?
 Goodwin draws upon the four presidents she has studied most closely—Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Lyndon B. Johnson (in civil rights)—to show how they recognized leadership qualities within themselves and were recognized as leaders by others. By looking back to their first entries into public life, we encounter them at a time when their paths were filled with confusion, fear, and hope.
 Leadership tells the story of how they all collided with dramatic reversals that disrupted their lives and threatened to shatter forever their ambitions. Nonetheless, they all emerged fitted to confront the contours and dilemmas of their times.
 No common pattern describes the trajectory of leadership. Although set apart in background, abilities, and temperament, these men shared a fierce ambition and a deep-seated resilience that enabled them to surmount uncommon hardships. At their best, all four were guided by a sense of moral purpose. At moments of great challenge, they were able to summon their talents to enlarge the opportunities and lives of others.
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Rising out of hatred
~Saslow, Eli
 Derek Black grew up at the epicenter of white nationalism. His father founded Stormfront, the largest racist community on the Internet. His godfather, David Duke, was a KKK Grand Wizard. By the time Derek turned nineteen, he had become an elected politician with his own daily radio show – already regarded as the `the leading light` of the burgeoning white nationalist movement. `We can infiltrate,` Derek once told a crowd of white nationalists. `We can take the country back.`
 Then he went to college. Derek had been home-schooled by his parents, steeped in the culture of white supremacy, and he had rarely encountered diverse perspectives or direct outrage against his beliefs. At New College of Florida, he continued to broadcast his radio show in secret each morning, living a double life until a classmate uncovered his identity and sent an email to the entire school. `Derek Black…white supremacist, radio host…New College student???`
 The ensuing uproar overtook one of the most liberal colleges in the country. Some students protested Derek`s presence on campus, forcing him to reconcile for the first time with the ugliness of his beliefs. Other students found the courage to reach out to him, including an Orthodox Jew who invited Derek to attend weekly Shabbat dinners. It was because of those dinners–and the wide-ranging relationships formed at that table–that Derek started to question the science, history and prejudices behind his worldview. As white nationalism infiltrated the political mainstream, Derek decided to confront the damage he had done.
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American prison
~Bauer, Shane
 In 2015, Shane Bauer was hired for $9 an hour to work as an entry-level prison guard at a private prison in Winn, Louisiana. He used his real name, and although it was apparent to all who could use Google that he was an award-winning investigative journalist with a history of immersive inside stories, no meaningful background check was done on him. 120 days later, after the prison cottoned to what he was up to, he was summarily fired. His Mother Jones cover story exploded in summer 2016; it became that magazine`s most read story in history. In response, the Obama administration announced that federal prisoners would no longer be housed in private prisons. Hillary Clinton announced her full support. One of the first moves President Trump made was to reverse that order; no industry`s stock price has been more positively affected by Trump`s victory than the private prison sector.
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The Man who walked backward
~Montgomery, Ben
 Like most Americans at the time, Plennie Wingo was hit hard by the effects of the Great Depression. When the bank foreclosed on his small restaurant in Abilene, he found himself suddenly penniless with nowhere left to turn. After months of struggling to feed his family on wages he earned digging ditches in the Texas sun, Plennie decided it was time to do something extraordinary -- something to resurrect the spirit of adventure and optimism he felt he`d lost. He decided to walk around the world -- backwards.
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The Good neighbor
~King, Maxwell
 Fred Rogers (1928–2003) was an enormously influential figure in the history of television and in the lives of tens of millions of children. As the creator and star of Mister Rogers` Neighborhood, he was a champion of compassion, equality, and kindness. Rogers was fiercely devoted to children and to taking their fears, concerns, and questions about the world seriously.
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Scarface and the Untouchable
~Collins, Max Allan
 In 1929, thirty-year-old gangster Al Capone ruled both Chicago`s underworld and its corrupt government. To a public who scorned Prohibition, `Scarface` became a local hero and national celebrity. But after the brutal St. Valentine`s Day Massacre transformed Capone into `Public Enemy Number One,` the federal government found an unlikely new hero in a twenty-seven-year-old Prohibition agent named Eliot Ness. Chosen to head the legendary law enforcement team known as `The Untouchables,` Ness set his sights on crippling Capone`s criminal empire.
 Today, no underworld figure is more iconic than Al Capone and no lawman as renowned as Eliot Ness. 
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Accessory to war
~Tyson, Neil deGrasse
 In this fascinating foray into the centuries-old relationship between science and military power, acclaimed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and writer-researcher Avis Lang examine how the methods and tools of astrophysics have been enlisted in the service of war. `The overlap is strong, and the knowledge flows in both directions,` say the authors, because astrophysicists and military planners care about many of the same things- multi-spectral detection, ranging, tracking, imaging, high ground, nuclear fusion, and access to space. Tyson and Lang call it a `curiously complicit` alliance. `The universe is both the ultimate frontier and the highest of high grounds,` they write. `Shared by both space scientists and space warriors, it`s a laboratory for one and a battlefield for the other. The explorer wants to understand it; the soldier wants to dominate it. But without the right technology—which is more or less the same technology for both parties—nobody can get to it, operate in it, scrutinize it, dominate it, or use it to their advantage and someone else`s disadvantage.`
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Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy
~Rioux, Anne Boyd
 Soon after publication on September 30, 1868, Little Women became an enormous bestseller and one of America`s favorite novels. Its popularity quickly spread throughout the world, and the book has become an international classic. When Anne Boyd Rioux read the novel in her twenties, she had a powerful reaction to the story. Through teaching the book, she has seen the same effect on many others.
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