Thanks to a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Greenville Area Public Library received four new computers in April 2002.  The Foundation, in conjunction with public libraries, is committed to establishing community access to information technology resources.

The Gates Library Computers are connected to the Internet via a high-speed cable modem and come with many preloaded software programs:

Productivity Software:

  • Microsoft Access XP

  • Microsoft Excel XP

  • Microsoft FrontPage XP

  • Microsoft PhotoDraw XP

  • Microsoft PowerPoint XP

  • Microsoft Publisher XP

  • Microsoft Word XP

Children's Software:

  • Magic School Bus in Concert

  • Magic School Bus Discovers Flight

  • Magic School Bus Lands on Mars

  • Magic School Bus Bus, Whales and Dolphins Activity Center

Reference Software:

  • Encarta Africana Third Edition

  • Encarta Encyclopedia Dlx XP

  • Encarta Researcher

  • Encarta Interactive World Atlas XP

  • Encarta World English Dictionary XP

  • Microsoft Streets & Trips XP

Other Software:

  • Internet Explorer 5.5

  • Mouse Tutorial

In addition, separate profiles are available for users with varying needs:

  • bigprint profile for users who prefer large type

  • spanish profile for users who speak the language

  • language profile for users who speak languages other than Spanish